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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there technical assistance available?

A: Yes for most things, other members and staff are always happy to help if you need assistance in learning how to use equipment. Also as a club we have many experienced members that are willing to help with projects on most types of vehicles. Some of these members charge a reasonable rate for their time. We also have Wi Fi available for research and many other services to help with your projects.

Q: Can I bring my own tools?

A: Absolutely. If you already have your preferred tool or equipment, feel free to bring it and enjoy our climate controlled working environment with all the equipment you need. Please note, Sacramento DIY Classic Car Club is not responsible for lost property brought in by customers.


Q: Can I paint my vehicle at Sacramento DIY Classic Car Club?

A: No, our facility is not equipped with a paint booth at this time. However we have made arrangements for members to rent a fully equipped booth off site at a rate of $150 per day. You will have to supply a paint gun, as well as any other supplies you might need. We do have some equipment and supplies available for purchase and rent in the office.


Q: What should I bring for my repair?

A: You should bring any parts you wish to supply and not source from Sacramento DIY Classic Car Club. We have all the tools you could need, specialty equipment, as well as safety glasses/goggles, safety gloves and rubber gloves available for purchase.


Q: What if my repair takes longer than my reserved time?

A: Based upon bay availability, you can simply stay longer and complete your repair. In the instance the shop is booked, a technician will discuss options with you and you will be charged in 15 minute intervals if you go over your time.


Q: Do you provide wheel alignment?

A: Sacramento DIY Classic Car Club does not have the necessary equipment for wheel alignment. We have made special arrangement for that type of work at a nearby shop at a reduced rate.


Q: Can you install my stereo?

A: Yes, you can use a bay at DIY to install or repair any media equipment..


Q: Do you have food, drinks for sale at the shop?

A: Yes, we have food, snacks, and drinks available to purchase in the office.


Q: Do I have to pay to dispose of tires or fluids?

A: There is a $10 flat rate disposal fee for up to four tires.  You must dispose of all used vehicle lubricants. 


Q: Can I throw away my trash at the shop?

A: To keep costs down we only allow small items to be thrown away in the trash.  Items like parts boxes, old parts, empty oil and  transmission fluid bottles .  Other recyclable items have bins provided for, please use them, any other trash must be taken with you when you leave, if in doubt please ask a staff member.

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