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The Sacramento Do it Yourself Classic Car Club is dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and restoration of all types of Classic, Vintage and Antique vehicles, by their owners. We are not a public automotive repair shop.  We are a private federally registered 501 C 3 non profit organization that accepts gifts and donations to further those goals. These gifts and donations can be potentially tax deductible as well.

If you have a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or RV that has become an eyesore to the community, we would recommend that you give us a call to discuss the possibility of a donation. Many times life seems to get in the way of fun projects.  We begin with all the right intensions and desires to complete vehicle projects, but things happen and we unfortunately won’t  find the time to get those things completed.  Those finished projects that just will not sell fall into that category as well.

Our spouses also have difficulties with some of the choices we make and may mention the need to do something about them from time-to-time.  I know - because I have experienced it too.

Other obstacles could include the lack of financial resources, unexpected health situations, and the loss of loved ones will definitely degrade the chances of getting these wonderful projects completed.  Even if you have an old vehicle that has been sitting in the weeds rusting for many years; it is possibly a good charitable donation.  

Donations provide Sacramento Do It Yourself Classic Car Club with all of the resources needed to keep these old vehicles cleaned up and running.  We simply wish to continue seeing older vehicles populate our community streets right along with all the newer ones.

Thank you for your time and considerations for us possibly giving your vehicle another chance at hitting the road, and in turn, help you remove vehicles that have been in your way for way too long.  Let us help you move on.


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